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Industry Associations

Below are some organizations that monitor, regulate or publish the latest trends in the telecom industry.


Center for Communication Management (CCMI)

The Competitive Telecommunications Association



Financial Executives International (FEI)

National Telecommunication and Information Association (NTIA)

Telecom Industry Association (TIA)

United States Telecom Association (USTA)

State Public Utilities Commissions

Alaska Regulatory Commission
Alabama PSC
Arizona Corp. Commission
Arkansas PSC
California PUC
Colorado PUC
Connecticut Utility Control
Delaware PSC
District of Columbia PSC
Florida PSC
Georgia PSC
Hawaii PUC
Idaho PUC
Illinois Commerce Comm.
Indiana URC
Iowa Utilities Board
Kansas Corp. Commission

Kentucky PSC
Louisiana PSC
Maine PUC
Maryland PSC
Massachusetts DTE
Michigan PSC
Minnesota PUC
Mississippi PSC
Missouri PSC
Montana PSC
Nebraska PSC
Nevada PUC
New Hampshire PSC
New Jersey BPU
New Mexico PRC
New York State PSC
North Carolina UC

North Dakota PSC
Ohio PUC
Oklahoma Corp. Commission
Oregon PUC
Pennsylvania PUC
Rhode Island DPUC
South Carolina PSC
South Dakota PUC
Tennessee RA
Texas PUC
Utah PSC
Vermont Public Service
Virginia State Corp. Commission
Washington UTC
West Virginia PSC
Wisconsin PSC
Wyoming PSC

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