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ImpactCMS 4.2 - Cost Management System

ImpactCMS 4.2 is a web-based, on-demand application that enables you to automate the time consuming identification, examination and vouchering of telecom invoices. ImpactCMS 4.2 is delivered in an application service provider format where the software is loaded onto our servers at approved data centers around the world. Service Level Agreements ensure a 98% uptime. Access ImpactCMS 4.2 anywhere, anytime, securely and with confidence. With ImpactCMS you can audit, review, and voucher all your invoices in one application. For further analysis you able to export any report to XML or MS-Excel.


ImpactCMS 4.2

  • Invoice Validation & Vouchering
    • audit, review, and voucher all of your telecom invoices in one application
  • Invoice Payment
  • Invoice Allocation Throughout The Enterprise
    • Provide managers with the information they need to control telecom-related expenses in their areas of responsibility
    • Track usage costs by profit and expense centers
    • Allocate third party invoices (e.g., for cell phones, pagers and calling cards) to the appropriate divisions and departments
  • Telecom Bill Auditing
    • identifies savings opportunities
    • alerts management to billing errors and unusual variances in charges and usage.
    • analyze cost trends
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