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ImpactCSS - Comprehensive Site Sheet

ImpactCSS is a comprehensive analysis of your current network infrastructure. While ImpactCMS is primarily a financial application, ImpactCSS is a repository that categorizes all of the pertinent technical information of your network. Initially, ImpactCSS is a snapshot in time of your network. Subsequently, it is the basis for an on-going, living document that can change as your network changes. ImpactCSS provides you the information needed to efficiently manage your network investment. A combination of software and good-old-fashioned detective work, ImpactCSS is the hassle-free, balanced approach means to the accountability that today’s ever-changing environments demand. Because every company is different, ImpactCSS is tailored to your particular needs and is priced accordingly. Call Impact today for current pricing and to find out how ImpactCSS is play a vital role in taking control of your network related costs.


ImpactCSS is delivered as a spreadsheet enabling a broad range of users to create reports in order to communicate business-critical information throughout the enterprise.

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