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ImpactCMS 4.2
The Bridge Between Finance and Telecom


ImpactCMS 4.2 is a web-based, on-demand application that enables you to automate the time consuming identification, examination and vouchering of telecom invoices.

Key Savings Benefits

Time – By automating your invoice management tasks, you save time while significantly reducing your communications costs. In addition, our experts can do the analysis, make recommendations, and execute the fully-outsourced solution, or simply fill in the expertise-gaps for your staff.

Money – Ongoing telecom cost savings of 10% to 30% or more are obtainable through the elimination of billing errors and implementation of Impact’s recommendations for reducing costs and improving productivity. Reporting, analysis and automatic cost allocations facilitate organization-wide accountability, resulting in greatly reduced spending.

Knowledge - You immediately benefit from our knowledge of technology, industry trends and best practices. ImpactCMS provides you the information and resources you need to achieve and maintain immediate cost reduction in your telecom services.

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Comprehensive Site Sheet


Delivered in a spreadsheet format, ImpactCSS is a comprehensive, technical analysis of your current network infrastructure. Find out more about how ImpactCSS can play a vital role in taking control of your network related costs.

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