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Rate Analysis and Benchmarking
Impact understands the importance of telecommunications and IT benchmarking. We conduct a comprehensive rate analysis and provide benchmarking tools, focused on your unique price and service requirements so that you are able to achieve desired goals.


  • Evaluate cost saving opportunities and expense pattern
  • Access to all tariff resources
  • Audit and recovery of expenses of underused services
  • Rate negotiation support
  • Provides accurate, detailed data to manage your business 

Financial Management

Many organizations find it difficult to properly account for and/or equitably allocate technology expenditures. Accurately charging users for technology resources and services is fundamental to overall technology cost control. Impact applies its expertise and "best practices" to help clients design, develop and implement an entire framework for managing technology expenditures. Impact's Finance Management Services help clients better understand, manage and ultimately reduce total technology costs. To monitor and control costs on a go forward basis, Impact will outline for client's specific billing items and variances that warrant review and/or validation. Impact will identify billed items that despite being in compliance with appropriate tariffs are potentially fraudulent or abusive. These may include: 900 calls, third party billing, and incorrect pre-subscribed Interexchange carrier (PIC) codes. Impact will identify LEC billed Long Distance, Casual Calling, etc. Impact’s solution can provide customized reports to identifying these exceptions. Impact will then implement identified cost avoidance measures (i.e. blocking factors on LEC bills preventing third party billing) to have these occurrences eliminated from billing going forward.


  • Identify proper costs for each service invoice
  • Establish a specific variance range for each service
  • Create appropriate accrual accounts and proper allocations
  • Create invoice monitoring parameters or a “red flag” report
  • Assist with developing and measuring vendor performance against contract compliance metrics and service levels
  • Integrate all telecommunication costs to their proper ledger account
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