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First, Impact is in the savings business. We save organizations money. We work with large, multi-location, organizations with complex voice and data environments. Every company we have worked with has been interested in driving unnecessary costs out of their business and has had ongoing initiatives to do so. We play a very specific role in their quest. We are essentially the “hired guns” that, because of our direct experience in the market, bring a highly focused approach and a track record of saving anywhere from 25% to 55%.

Second, we’re fast. Unlike many consulting groups that engage with a given corporation and never seem to leave, our hallmark has been speed to savings. In telecommunications (similar to the technology industry in general) if you wait long enough you can buy more for less. The problem most organizations face is getting those savings now. Impact’s reputation has been built by helping CEO’s, CFO’s, and CIO’s deliver results that can be measured in the next few quarters, not in years.

Third, trust is the bottom line. The telecom industry has a less than perfect track record. With significant billing errors, (almost always in the carriers favor) frustration levels have never been higher. Impact can help.  Impact is completely unbiased and has no affiliation with any telecommunication vendor. Are fees are derived only from our clients and only from actual, documented savings to the organization.

Fourth, we provide visibility and clarity to a line item on most companies’ general ledger that simply says “Telephone”. For most large organizations, telecommunication costs are an area that is managed by people who understand technology. More often than not, these people are busy trying to support the daily needs of their organization and their customers. They do not have either the bandwidth or expertise to effectively manage the cost side of the business. This is where Impact can help. We are the bridge between finance and technology. With our intimate knowledge of the industry we focus on identifying exactly how a company has invested their dollars, what those dollars deliver back to the business, and what the opportunities are to reduce that spend without any negative impact on the organization.

Finally, When we're done identifying the savings opportunities and have made our recommendations, we help manage future costs by offering a host of services including ImpactCMS, our proprietary web-based cost management system, invoice consolidation, budget and proper allocation analysis and process improvement initiatives.

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