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Impact delivers telecom savings.

We do this by providing your company with the knowledge and tools to break through the telecom clutter, achieve significant savings and manage the process so that you can focus on your business.

  • Telecom services account for one of the three to five largest expenditures that companies currently have.
  • The level of complexity of telecom services make these services one of the most difficult to manage for any business.
  • Most businesses pay too much for Telecom Services.
  • Same-sized telecom customers often pay dramatically different rates for the same services.
  • Analysts have discovered that fewer than 6% of businesses obtain the “best” rates.
  • Pricing and services are constantly changing.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Consolidations have made billing systems highly inaccurate.

Impact Network Services and ImpactCMS allow you to take control of the complexity and

  • Manage your Telecom Costs
  • Improve your Productivity
  • Increase your Profits




 ImpactCMS v4.20 Released Feb 28th, 2007

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  Forrester - Blue Cross A Case Study In Building Better Disaster Recovery - Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN with the help of Impact Network Services takes DR to the next level. 

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 A hilarious look at the history of AT&T by Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report 

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"Substantial payback exists for telecommunications auditing functions. Organizations should establish strategic relationships with third-party companies to ensure accurate billing."
-META Group

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